Le Mesurier, formed in 2008, is led by chef and condiment creator extraordinaire Patrick Le Mesurier.

Patrick Le MesurierPatrick Le Mesurier – potted

Patrick worked for the Roux Brothers for 8 years in London at, amongst others, Le Gavroche and then at The Point in Upper New York State in the USA. Returning to the UK in the late 1990s, he owned and ran The Royal Oak dining pub in Woodchester, Gloucestershire, which won Newcomer of the Year Award in the Which? Good Pub Guide 1999. After selling The Royal Oak he worked as Head Chef at The Old Passage Inn in Arlingham, Gloucestershire which won Newcomer of the Year in 2003, Good Food Guide and AA Seafood Pub of the Year in 2004. He then took up a consultancy post, working with a prestigious London store.

A quick “Q and A” with Patrick Le Mesurier

Le Mesurier – interesting name. Where does it come from?
Its origins lie in The Channel Islands. I was, however, born and bred in Surrey. I do get asked if  Le Mesurier condiments are French.  Like me, they are British through and through!

How do you pronounce it?
It’s “Measurer” – though people say it lots of different ways. That’s fine by me!

What brought you to condiments?
As a chef, I know the importance of condiments, relishes and side sauces – they really are an integral part of a dish. Yet I was underwhelmed by most of what I saw in the shops. I really wanted to do something to revitalise the condiment shelves and so set out to come up with an exciting range that really delivered, on looks as well as taste.  So I researched classic recipes, added my own signature twists, and was delighted with the results. “Le Range” has gone from strength to strength. I believe these condiments are the best you will buy. And affordable too.

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